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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

For many folks who have worked away diligently at their livelihoods, the freedom of a recreational vehicle to get away and enjoy life is extraordinarily attractive. Recreational vehicles run the gamut, from boats, motor homes, trailers and off-road vehicles to even the adventurist’s favorite, the ATV. In order to avoid turning a recreational pursuit into a nightmare, it is a very smart idea to purchase the proper level of coverage of recreational vehicle insurance should an accident or mishap ever occur.

With so many people taking vacation time on the water with boats, boat insurance for boats and personal watercraft, (like jet skis for example), is becoming more and more common. Boat insurance is generally meant for boats that are up to 50 feet in length. Most insurance companies provide many coverage options and premium levels. Some choices available include insurance for vintage boats that are at least 25 years of age, and coverage for speed, fishing, and pontoon boats. Companies also generally offer policy benefits such as hurricane haul-out compensation, help for boat lifting and hoisting, tournament fee reimbursement and more specialized offers.

For those who enjoy yachts as in land yachts, insurance is available for motor homes and detached travel trailers. In most policy coverage, loss events such as fire, lightning storms and vandalism is protected under what is called “comprehensive coverage,” which protects against sudden and accidental losses. This kind of coverage with riders attached can also provide protection for RV attachments like awnings, antennas and satellite dishes. Other options available for purchase include total loss replacement, which is coverage that allows for the replacement of your RV if it’s destroyed within an ownership time of five years or less. Also offered is what is called “full-timer coverage,” which provides coverage much like that of homeowner insurance. It provides protection for the RV for those who spend longer durations in their RVs whether parked longer term at campsites or at specially designated RV locations.

Lately, off-road vehicles have become quite popular. It would be wise to purchase insurance coverage for these kind of vehicles as well to ensure that all proceeds well should the unexpected occur. Be it an All-Terrain Vehicle, a snowmobile, a golf cart or the legendary dune buggy, all these specialized vehicles require various and specific kinds of coverage. Most insurance companies offer policies that provide protection for these vehicles year round, regardless of the season. Even snowmobiles are still fully protected in the heat of the summer time. Some policies can provide safety apparel coverage that will help to replace any clothing that is damaged while being worn for safety in the operation of such vehicles. Examples would be helmets and goggles for the snowmobile or ATV.

Recreational vehicles are for fun and it is easy to neglect investigating proper coverage for such vehicles. In order to keep it all in good fun and to retain a sense of peace of mind while enjoying a vacation get-away, having the proper recreational vehicle insurance is really a no-brainer for most.