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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Any motorcyclist who craves the open road and the proverbial wind in the hair (or beard) is one who needs to understand the key elements of motorcycle insurance. This kind of insurance is mandated by law and is what protects the motorcycle owner should an accident or other covered event cause loss to the bike or to the rider or other property.

The vast majority of states insist upon a specific amount of personal liability and property damage coverage (PLPD) for each motorcycle rider in order to be legal on the road. PLPD coverage helps by potentially providing compensation for damages and expenses as a result of injury, pain, or suffering to others when the rider is at fault. It can also provide coverage for damage caused to another individual’s property by the motorcycle driver.

It can be a very wise move for motorcycle owners to also protect themselves by purchasing additional coverage choices on their motorcycle insurance policy. Examples include Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which can provide payment for incurred medical expenses should the rider be injured in an accident, regardless of fault. There is also an option for uninsured or underinsured insurance coverage, which protects the motorcycle rider when involved in an accident with another vehicle driver who has no insurance coverage or not enough coverage to meet a state’s minimum liability coverage mandate. One can also obtain accidental death coverage and property protection coverage. Property protection insurance coverage is what protects the policyholder from theft or loss of the motorcycle itself; it also can provide payment for covering repairs as a result of vandalism and, for example, a falling object.

It is highly recommended by insurance professionals that every motorcycle rider obtain and invest in this kind of insurance coverage in order to be protected financially from any unexpected costs as a result of a traffic accident and due to incidents arising from bad weather, vandalism, theft and falling objects or projectiles that cause damage to the cycle. Most motorcycle riders are well-advised to avoid the stress and trouble of coming up with untold hundreds or thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs by obtaining proper insurance coverage that is customized to needs and that is based upon their motorcycle riding activity, driving record and the kind and size of bike they ride.