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Providing Little Ryder with the Eyesight He Deserves


At only two months old, Ryder Stiner was diagnosed with ocular albinism with nystagmus. Ryder is currently considered legally blind, and doctors had eliminated any possibility of him getting better and recovering his eyesight. But Ryder’s mother did not lose hope until she found the doctor that would ultimately fix Ryder’s nystagmus and allow him to see the beauty of the world and live a full life.

WEB_Cause_PhotoFrom Amarillo, Texas to Irvine, California, Ryder and his mother would be visiting Dr. Lingua, an eye muscle surgeon who improved the surgery in California. Ryder’s condition affects approximately 1 in every 5,000 people at birth or anytime throughout their life, causing involuntary eye movements. This doctor has agreed to operate on Ryder at the cost of $38,000. Ryder and his mother would have to stay in Irvine for two weeks, on top of paying for the expense of the surgery.

Vincent & Associates has joined Ryder and his family to raise funds for his surgery. Join us in our mission to provide a child with the opportunity to see the beautiful world he has ahead of him.

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