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Let’s Lend a Helping Hand to Tatum and Her Family

Tatum Schulte, a beautiful, and energetic eight-year-old young lady who loves hanging out with friends and playing soccer and basketball was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her leg and spine. This rare disease is a form of bone cancer that happens in children.

After all medical efforts, at the end of last year, her parents received news they were not expecting: Tatum’s cancer has returned. She has a mass on the connective tissue around her spine. It’s still osteosarcoma, but not on the bone this time.  Chemotherapy has begun with two different procedures. They will do two cycles and then return to Houston for scans to see if this mass is responding to the chemo. As of right now, surgeons don’t think they can operate.

Tatum is very fortunate to be surrounded by loving family, friends, church and community.  We know the fight to defeat cancer can be a long and expensive battle. Our agency is raising funds to support this beautiful girl and her family during this hard time.

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